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A happy customer is a loyal customer

At Brandfire we’re all about loyalty and rewards. We design, develop and manage exciting loyalty programmes, as well as providing relevant rewards that motivate your customers to engage.

Loyalty and rewards programmes are all about rewarding your loyal customers. Creating a solid customer loyalty programme for your business has the potential to lead to an unprecedented rise in sales and, as the name suggests, create consumer loyalty amongst your devout followers. Investing in a loyalty or rewards programme is a sure way to improve your sales budget. To get started, have a look at the new trends and what’s new in loyalty. You can then follow some easy steps in setting up a loyalty programme.

cost of loyaltyYou may be asking some questions like what’s the cost in setting up a loyalty programme? CRM and loyalty programmes are the same, right? Wrong. How to go about measuring and achieving an ROI on loyalty. How can you learn from what your competitors are doing? If you already have a loyalty programme, how can you improve on it? Are there any examples of loyalty programmes out there? Since the recent GDPR requirements, have you ensured your programme is GDPR compliant? Or perhaps find out how loyalty works within specific sectors such as restaurants, utilities and consumer packaging goods.

Other areas of loyalty that we explore are:

Sales Promotions
Partnership Marketing
Inbound Marketing

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