Yes it really is 125 sleeps and counting to the big day. We know exactly what you’re thinking. We agree, it’s far too early to be worrying about Christmas.

From a marketing perspective however, it really is time to get cracking on those all important Christmas campaigns. So here is our Christmas gift to you! We have accumulated five of our favourite Christmas promotions by mobile phone operators. Read our blog on Whats new in Loyalty Technology?

1. Talk Talk

If there’s anyone that understands consumers, it’s Talk Talk. Last Christmas in the UK, no TV station was showing the phenomenal movie Elf. Not even Netflix had it. It has been dubbed “The Christmas Movie”. Talk Talk came to the rescue however, cutting the price to download and own Elf to £5 on Talk Talk TV. Not only this, they give £2.50 off all festive movies including Home Alone, The Holiday and Love Actually by using the code TALKTALKSANTA. Something simple like this will get customers talking.

Smartphone with gifts displayed reflecting retail customer loyalty program

2. AT & T

Last year, just a week before Christmas day, AT&T in the US unleashed one of the best iPhone promotions ever. Customers could buy one iPhone 7 and get one free. The iPhone 7 had only been released two months previous.  The company is ranked the number 1 telecommunications company in the world and we can see why.

3. Telstra

Telstra in Australia promoted the popular 12 days of Christmas giveaway last year. The company giveaway a prize on all twelve days, including a Samsung Galaxy and a Sony tablet. To enter, customers had to read clues about a certain store on Twitter or Facebook, get to the correct shop first and sing a jingle. With over 370 stores in Australia, everyone had a chance to win. Telstra also offered people the option to like, share and comment on Facebook to be in with an entry. This is a brilliant way to get customers engaging with your social media.

4. T- Mobile

T-Mobile kicked off the holidays in style last year with Un-carrier Unwrapped. A full month of holiday giving, with a special gift each week. Top gifts included unlimited high speed data for every customer in America for three months. Data-usage jumps by 10% in December – so what a perfect gift data makes. According to Statcounter, Irish mobile phone usage is the highest in the western world, we could all do with some  free data!

5. Plusnet

Last but not least, a competition we really adore. Last December Plusnet in the UK launched an impressive staff-friendly competition. It was the chance to win an office party for your business. Entrants from the UK simply had to upload a picture of their office to Facebook or Twitter and explain why it needs a ‘definite dose of Christmas cheer’. The winners received a Christmas Makeover Kit with over £1200 worth of food, drink, crackers and a tree. Plusnet even took care of all the decorations and setup – leaving the office party-ready. This is simple to do but really could make one company’s Christmas so much more special.

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